Prescription male enhancement pills seem like a good choice when looking for a product to help with sexual performance, but there are some adverse side effects that go along with the benefits, making natural male enhancement a better, safer alternative.

Harmful Additives

We interviewed clients that have tried a large selection of products before taking Enduroman for the first time, and the testimonials speak for themselves. Many prescription pill users complained of feeling aroused for long periods of time, heart racing, higher blood pressure, and just feeling "out of it". After trying Enduroman, none came back with any complaints, other than they had run out of supply.


Enduroman is a safe, all natural male enhancement product, that contains powerful natural herbs imported from South East Asia. These herbal ingredients promote sexual performance, without the side effects of prescription enhancement drugs.

Completely Natural

People who have tried our male enhancement product, have praised the feelings they get while taking Enduroman. The benefit to using a natural, herbal product over a prescription one is simple; minimal adverse effect, while achieving the same result. Try Enduroman for yourself, and understand what it is like to perform better, last longer, and truly have the confidence you desire in the bedroom.

Natural vs Prescription

all natural

Enduroman is an all natural male enhancement supplement, designed to help enhance sexual performance in men. Natural male enhancement offers many benefits over prescription male enhancement products. As a result, our product contains only natural ingredients, there is no need for a prescription. This also means that our natural male enhancement product is composed of only natural herbs which we all know are much better for you and your body than prescription male enhancement drugs.

Many of our clients and team members who have been taking Enduroman have noticed a renewed feeling of youth and vitality as well as a rejuvenation of sexual desires that, for some of us, have been gone for some time. You will receive many extra benefits from all of the ingredients used to create the natural male enhancement, Enduroman. Due to the herbal supplement's natural components these ingredients play double roles. Just a few of these amazing benefits are:

  • It will be readily absorbed into your body
  • You will start to feel the effects very quickly
  • Increased Energy
  • Natural, Long-Lasting enhancement
  • Last up to 72 hours

Early detection and treatment is most important when it comes to overcoming Erectile Disfunction. Although this condition can be embarrassing to most men, the natural male enhancement, Enduroman, promotes maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with your partner, but also for yourself. Erectile Disfunction, premature ejaculation, and low endurance in men is becoming more and more common. The physical affects, along with the mental and social (low self-esteem, relatonship problems, and so on) affects, can take over all aspects of your life! Today is the day to make a change! Try Enduroman now so you, along with all the other many satisifed customers, can be the man you know you are inside and out!

Why Not Prescription Drugs?


Through our years of searching for what we now call a miracle cure, we have found that most of the existing male enhancement products are prescription drugs. This means you have to go to a doctor and be diagnosed for something such as Erectile Disfunton, which may embarrass you or make you feel self-conscious. After the doctors office, you also have to go to a pharmacy for it to be filled which could be embarrassing as well with knowing the pharmacist knows this is a prescrition male enhancement pill, and even more so if the pharmacist is a woman.  The cost of these perscription male enhancers could be extremely costly, where as most are not even covered by insurance plans. This may not be the first or last time, as every drug works differently on different people, so the prescription male enhancement pill may not work for you. Also means you've got to find out if it will adversely affect any other types of prescription drugs you may be taking for other health problems. You might even have to take more than once enhancement prescrition to get the right effect, or even take other new prescritions to mask the side effects and this could get extremly cost deffcient.

There are many risk associated with taking any prescription male enhancement drug. Some of these side effects are, but not limited to:

  • Headaches
  • Flushing
  • Vision changes
  • Stomach ache

Doubled with these side effects, the male enhancement prescrition may not allow you to perform at your greatest ability sexually.

Enduroman has been proven effective as a natural male enhancement product by many of our clients as well as most of our team! Wondering if a product works, or is safe, is something you have to be worried about when looking at prescription male enhancement drugs.  Many of the prescription male enhancement products come from online companies that could be selling diluted or even inactive products. Many doctors will prescribe new prescrition male enhancement products that have had little testing and may not work or be good for you because the get benefts from the companies who make them for the more they prescribe. You also have to worry about the potential side effects like headaches, flushing of skin, stomach aches or even vision loss! Some prescriptions have even been known to cause heart attacks when taken incorrectly or too often.

The benefits of taking a natural male enhancement far outweigh those of prescription drugs. Ordering a natural male enhancement such as Enduroman, can save you from embarrassment as it is shipped in a discrete package right to your front door! The cost of natural supplements are almost always much more affordable than prescriptions. Any side effects are positive, such as more energy, increased confidence, and a satisfying sex life for you AND your partner! The only way to find out what will work for you is by getting of Enduroman and trying it for yourself.

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